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In the retail industry, performance is a very important aspect and can make or break a company. In a world where everything goes fast with as little efforts as possible, consumers will expect a lot. We guide our clients in the logistic related part of their retail business and create a plan to prevent out of stock situations. We do this by checking the way of shipping.


The recycle industry is an industry where logistic efficiency is a key element; most recyclables are sold in big volumes so the logistics costs can stack up fast. There are a lot of facets where that efficiency can be gained, for example in the loading process, pre-carriage, or the ocean freight. In this branch, there are a lot of rules and regulations that need to be followed. We guide our clients for the logistic part of their recycling related products and export these all over the world.


Metal comes in all different shapes and sizes, from finished products to plates. The products all have something in common; the weight is often very high. For the efficiency of the transport the maximum payload is important, and this starts with selecting the correct equipment. The packing of metal products is important for the handling but also in case of special equipment to protect it from the seawater.

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Did you know that more than 90% of the complete world trade is moved by ocean freight? When cost effectiveness is what you are looking for, containerized ocean freight is the answer. Worldwide routes and transit times are continuously improving and being made more efficient to meet the wishes of…
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Did you know that in 2016, 54,3 million tons were transported via air freight and that the industry is “only” 107 years old? When a swift delivery is what you are looking for, air freight is the answer. Gezeinten Shipping & Logistics will assist in finding the perfect airfreight solution…
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Did you know that in Europe, trucks carry 75% of freight transported over land, delivering 14 billion tonnes of goods per year? Transport per truck, rail or barge is one of the key elements in the supply chain because this is often where the logistic process begins or ends. These…
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International freight forwarding by air and sea to all destinations and from all origins: Import / Export / Handling / Transit shipments.

With its expertise of the Middle East, Africa, North & South America, Asia & Pacific, the Jost Group’s multilingual and experienced team offers you a full range of forwarding services to organize safe, efficient and cost effective transport of your goods

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We set this high standard by having designed specialized international mover solutions with an outstanding track record of success. You will not find a more detailed and professional international moving company in New York or around the world to best manage your upcoming international relocation.

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